1 Martin Dawson
Born: 1722
Married: 1742 Priscilla Sorrell
Died: 1796
2 1. John Sorrell Dawson
Born: 1737
Married: Sarah Carroll
Lived: until 1757 on Carroll Creek.
Lived: 1757 Moved to Nelson VA, then called Amherst.
They lived in Nelson County VA not far from Faber's Mills.
3 1. Capt. John Sorrel Dawson
Married: February 11, 1786 Jane Lyoh (or Lyon)
Lived: Nelson County Virginia.
Job: He was a prosperous farmer.
Fought in the Revolutionary War with his brothers Pleasant and Benjamin
4 1. or 3. Nelson Dawson
Born: March 5, 1787
Married: January 4, 1816 (or 1810)Sally White
Died: February 16 (or 10), 1836
5 1. Priscella Dawson
Born: October 9, 1810
Died: June 3, 1811
5 2. Mary (Polly) Dawson
Born: March 6, 1812
Married: 1829 John D. Bailey
5 3. Virginia Dawson
Born: January 3, 1814
Died: March 9, 1817
5 4. Elizabeth Dawson
Born: February 28, 1816
Married (1): Christopher Faber
Married (2): __________ Graves
5 5. Sally Dawson
Born: March 7, 1818
Married: 1838 William G. Smith
Died: October 9, 1839
5 6. John Dawson
Born: January 30, 1820
Married: Sally R.W. Smith in 1839 (or 1840)
6 1. Juel Dawson
5 7. Jenetta Dawson
Born: May 24, 1825
Married: 1841 Wilson N. Smith
5 8. Alfa Martin Dawson
Born: September 3, 1827
Died: June 8, 1828
5 9. Martha Dawson
Born: May 25, 1829
Married: John W. Gentry
5 10. Nelson Dawson Jr.
Born: August 9, 1831
Married: Anne E. Neese
6 1. George Lewis Dawson
6 2. Ann Smith Dawson
Married: John White
6 3. Nelson Edward Dawson
6 4. John Willard Dawson
6 5. Mary Elizabeth Dawson
Married: William White
6 6. Henry Maxcy Dawson
6 7. Samuel Huff Dawson
Postmaster Cruzet VA
Only one alive in 1948
5 11. Jane Dawson
Born: January 4 (or 9), 1833
5 12. Priscella Margaret Dawson
Born: January 10, 1836
4 2 or 1. Pleasant S. Dawson
Born: 1800
Married: 1820 Mahala White (See Below)
Died: 1834
He married his first cousin.
5 1. John Dawson
Married: Annie Hopkins
Job: Farmer, ran a mill, rented farm machinery to other farmers.
Adopted nephew was Frank Dawson.
5 2. George Washington Dawson
Born: March 13, 1827
Job: Farmer
Lived: Scottsville, Virginia
Married: October 27, 1853 Sarah Sadonia May
Died: July 25, 1909
Buried: Scottsville, Virginia
6 1. Mary B. Dawson
Born: October 23, 1855
Died: in infancy
6 2. George Luther Dawson
Born: June 11,1859
Job: Luther was a lawyer in Richmond Virginia
Married: Susanna Stark
Died: 1906
7 1, Patrick Henry Stark Dawson
Died: In early adulthood
Lawyer in Richmond
6 3. William P. Dawson
Born: June 11, 1859
Died: in infancy
6 4. John Wyatt Dawson
Born: March 24, 1863
Married: Lydia Power
Died: July 18, 1924 (or 1934)
John was a businessman in Coal, real estate and railroads
7 1. Joseph Power Dawson
Died as a soldier from flu in World War I
7 2. Catherine May Dawson
Married: Irvine C. Hess
6 5. Marion Lindsey Dawson
Born: December 22, 1867
Lived: Brooksville
Married: September 8, 1902 Alice Taylor
Died: May 4, 1935 (or 1906)
He was a lawyer and state equalizer of taxes for Florida
7 1. Elizabeth Dawson
Born: May 30, 1903
Died: young
7 2. Major General Marion Lindsay Dawson Jr.
Born: September 5, 1905 in Huntington, Long Island, New York
Graduated: Hernando High School, Brooksville, FL in 1922
Graduated: US Naval Academy: June 2, 1927
Lived: Brooksville, FL
Lived: 1114 G. Street,Coronado California 92118 (619) 435-9439
Married: August 19, 1927 Mary Sally Petteway
Married: Francis (She is a Christian)
After he graduated High School, he entered the U. S. Naval Academy, where he competed in track and water polo. He was commisioned a Marine second lieutenant, June 2, 1927, upon graduation from the Academy.
That August, after further training at Annapolis, Lieutenant Dawson entered the Marine Officers' Basic School at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Completing the Basic School in February 1928, he sailed a month later for Nicaragua, where he served with the 2nd Marine Brigade. He returned from that country in October 1929, and was a company officer at the Marine Barracks, Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida, until he entered flight training there in March 1930.
Lieutenant Dawson was designated a Naval Aviator in November 1930, and in January 1931 reported to the Naval Air Station, San Diego, California. He remained there until October 1931, when he joined Scouting Squadron 14-M. The following month that squadron boarded the carrier SARATOGA, and Scouting Squadron 15-M went aboard the LEXINGTON, to become the first Marine squardron ever based on Navy flattops. He was promoted to first lieutenant in March 1934.
Detached from the SARATOGA in June 1934, Lieutenant Dawson served two more years at San Diego. He was promoted to Captain in July 1936, and assigned to the Marine Corps Air Station, Quantico, Virginia.
Two years later, Captain Dawson entered the Junior Course, Marine Corps School, Quantico. On completing the course in May 1939, he was assigned the following month to the Bureau of Aeronautics at the Navy Department, Washington DC. He remained there until he took command of the Marine parachute detachment at Lakehurst, New Jersey, in December 1940. He also served as advisor to the Commandant of the Marine Corps on parachute teaining and material development. He was promoted to Major in May 1941.
Shortly after the United States' entry in World War II, Major Dawson left Lakehurst in April 1942 to command the Parachute Training School in San Diego. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in August 1942.
In September 1942, Lieutenant Colonel Dawson departed for Midway Island, where he commanded Marine Aircraft Group 22 until June 1943. He then served as Operations Officer of the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing and Marine Aircraft, South Pacific, on the Solomon and New Hebrides Islands. He was promoted to Colonel in November 1943.
In January 1944, Colonel Dawson was named Commanding Officer of the Fighter Command, Aircraft, Green Island. Later he headed the Fighter Command, Aircraft, Solomon Islands. His citation for the Bronze Star Medal with Combat "V", covering the period from January to May 1944, states in part: "His excellant direction of fighter plane activities enabled our bombers to carry out many damaging strikes against Japanese installations and suppy and bivouac areas on Bougainville, New Ireland, and New Britain."
On his return to the United States in June 1944, Colonel Dawson became Deputy Chief of Staff of the Naval Air Training Command at Pensacola. Leaving Pensacola in February 1945, he served briefly as Chief of Staff, Marine Corps Air Bases, Cherry Point, North Carolina. He embarked for the Pacific area again in September 1945, to become Executive Officer of the U. S. Strategic Bombing Survey party assigned to the Marshall and Gilbert Islands and Rabaul.
Colonel Dawson served in that capacity until November 1945, and for a short time as Chief of Staff of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing. In January 1946, he took command of Marine Aircraft Group 12, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, at Peiping, China. That April he was named Commander of Marine Aircraft Group 24, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, at Peiping. He moved with that group to Guam in April 1947, and returned to the United States the following month.
From June 1947 until August 1949, Colonel Dawson headed the Plans, Operations and Training Branch, Division of Aviation,at Headquarters Marine Corps, Washington, DC. He then entered the National War College in Washington, graduating in June 1950. The following month, he reported to the Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, as Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3(Operations), of Aircraft, Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic, and the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing.
In March 1951, Colonel Dawson became Director of the Junior School, Marine Corps Educational Center, Quantico. He served in that capacity until he returned to Cherry Point in June 1952, as Assistant Commander of the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing. In March 1953, he returned to Headquarters Marine Corps and was named Assistant Director of the Division of Aviation. He was promoted to Brigadier General in February 1954.
Leaving Washington in July 1954, Genearal Dawson took command of the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing in Korea the following month. He returned from overseas in September 1955. In October he became Commanding General, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, at the Marine Corps Air Station, El Toro, California. While there, he was promoted to his present rank of Major General in January 1956.
In April 1957, General Dawson assumed duties as Commanding General, Aircraft, Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic, at Norfolk, Virginia. Following three years' service in this capacity, he was ordered to the Far East where, in May 1960, he bacame senior member Military Armistice Commission, United Nations Command, Korea. On completing this assignment, he assumed his final command at El Toro in December 1960.
Major General Marion Lindsay Dawson, a Naval Aviator, retired from active duty in the Marine Corps on July 1, 1962. General Dawson served as Commander, Marine Corps Air Bases, Western Area, and Commanding General, Marine Corps Air Station, El Toro, California, from December 1960 until his retirement.
The General's medals and decorations include:
- the Bronze Star Medal with combat "V"
- the Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal
- the American Defense Service Medal
- the American Campaign Medal
- the Asian-Pacific Campaign Medal with three Bronze stars
- the World War II Victory Medal
- the China Service Medal
- the National Defense Service Medal
- the Chinese Order of the Cloud and Banner
- the Nicaraguan Medal of Merit with Silver Star
Biography from the USMC
Revised July 1962
8 1. Thomas N. Dawson
Born: February 25, 1948
7 3. Taylor Dawson
Married: 1911 Clara Quinn
8 1. James Taylor Dawson
Born: February 24, 1936
7 4. John Dawson
7 5. Thomas Raven Dawson
Born: June 1925
7 6. G. Kirby Dawson
Born: April 22, 1929
6 6. Annie M. Dawson
Born: April 26, 1870
Married (1): George Frederich Hinchelwood
Married (2): Fitshugh Frye
Died: November 14, 1962
6 7. Edgar Dawson
Born: December 22, 1872
Married: Ann King McKemy
College Professor mostly at Hunter College NYC
They had no children
Died: April 30, 1946
6 8. Somerville Daisy Dawson
Born: May 14 (or 12), 1877
Job: Teacher with her own school
Married: John Hamilton Wallace
Died: April 17, 1954
6 9. Nellie Gray Dawson
Born: June 16, 1881 Scottsville VA
Married: August 16, 1904 Clifton Todd Yeomans
Died: March 1972 Los Angeles
SSN: 555-21-1688
Verified with SS Death records. Those records list date of Birth as June 16, 1880.
5 3. Jane Dawson
Married: Dr. Issac Forbes
5 4. Pleasant Silas Dawson
Married: Mary Henriest Garland
6 1. Frank Garland Dawson
Born: 1869
Frank was adopted by his uncle John S. when his father went west.
Married: Overle Elaine Brockenbrough
Died: 1938/9
7 1. Jean Dawson
Lived Newport News VA
Married: ________ Arnott
7 2. Billy Dawson
Married: ________Watts
7 3. Anne Dawson
________ Mayers
7 4. Alice Dawson
7 5. ________ Dawson
Lived Copperhill Tennessee
Married: J.G.Simpson Jr
7 6. ________ Dawson
Lived Profit VA
Married: John N (or H). Clark
4 3 or 2. Benjamin Dawson
Alive in 1835
Married: Dorothy Childress
5 1. Benjamin H. Dawson
Born: Stillborn in Still Mountain VA
5 2. Andrew Dawson
5 3. Agnes Childress Dawson
Married: Peter Porter Turner
4 4. Mary Dawson
Boys College Loray VA
Married: ________Hargrove
4 5. Girl Dawson
4 6. Girl Dawson
4 7. Martin Dawson
Born: 1772
Died: 1835
3 2. Pleasant L. Dawson
Died: 1826
Fought in the Revolutionary War with his brothers John and Benjamin.
3 3. Benjamin Dawson
Married: 1785 Mary Martin
Lived: Moved to Kentucky
Fought in the Revolutionary War with his brothers John and Pleasant.
4 1. Benjamin Dawson
Born: 1785
Married: ________ McCann
Died: 1848
5 1. Joseph Dawson
Born: 1810 (or 1811)
Died: 1868
5 2. James Dawson
Born: 1816
Died: 1858
4 2. Gabriel Dawson
4 3. Armstrong Dawson
4 4. James Dawson
4 5. Thomas Dawson
3 4. Susanna Dawson
Alive in 1833
Married: ________ Adams
3 5. Mary Dawson
Married: ________ Adams
3 6. Prescillah Dawson
Married: Joseph White
Died: Before 1833
3 7. Nancy Fanny Dawson
Married: Rev. Hugh White
3 8. Martin Dawson
Born: 1772
Lived: in Milton on the Rivanna River Albermarle County Virginia
Died: 1835
Left his estate to the University of Virginia
Scholarship in perpetuity for Dawson decendants.
He was a well known merchant and farmer and friend of Thomas Jefferson.
3 9. Elizabeth Dawson
Alive in 1833
Married: Abner Ford
2 2. Rev. Martin Dawson
Born: 1744 Albemarle Co.
Job: Baptist Minister
Married(1): Elizabeth Carter
Married(2): Mildred??????
Merchant in 1789
Died: 1821
Reference: Page 58
3 1. Martin Dawson
Married: Louisa Carr (or Gare)
Moved to Gallia County Ohio
3 2. William Dawson
Married: Sarah Jopling
3 3. John Dawson
Born: November 5, 1799 (one of these is wrong)
Moved to Mississippi Tennessee
Married: November 5, 1799Nancy Martin
3 4. Elijah Dawson
Moved to Missouri
Married: Martha Patricia Gentry
3 5. Rand Dawson
3 6. Allen Dawson
Married: Lucy Wingfield
3 7. Hudson Dawson
3 8. Patsey Dawson
Married: Ambrose Rucker
3 9. Martha Dawson
Married: Bart Haggard
3 10. Nancy Dawson
Married: David Haggard
3 11. Mildred Dawson:
Married: Nat Bowles
3 12. Siekey Dawson
Married: ______ Pierce (or Price)
3 13. Elizabeth Carter Dawson
Born: 1776
Married: Ruben Elsom or Ruben Rucker
Died: 1825
2 3. Thomas Dawson
Married: Mary Carter
3 1. Martha Dawson
Born: January 1, 1758
3 2. Susannah Dawson
Born: March 3, 1759
3 3. William Dawson
Born: December 3, 1760
3 4. John Dawson
Born: April 16, 1762
Married: Ann Martin
3 5. Martin Dawson
Born: March 15, 1764
3 6. Elizabeth Dawson
Born: March 26, 1766
2 4. Mildred Dawson
Married (1): Jonas Reid
Married (2) 1758 Samuel Hancock III
2 5. Nancy Dawson
Married: 1772 Valentine Cox
2 6. Mary Dawson
Married: William Park
2 7. Margaret Dawson
Married: ______ Franklin
2 8. William Dawson
2 9. Nelson Carter Dawson
Married (1): Mary Burton
Married (2): Francis Woodruff
2 10. Jessie Dawson
December 15, 1741 probably the marriage date
Married: Sally Turner
2 11. Elizabeth Dawson
Married: Reuben Turner
2 12. Susanna Dawson
Married: George Tinsley
2 13. Zachariah Dawson
Married: June (or January) 18, 1786 Lucy Rucker
Dawson 2
1 Henry Dawson
2 Cam Dawson
Married: Ida Hargrove
Notes: There is probably a connection between these two families, but it is unknown.
There is a note that George Dawson gave 55 2 1/2d to Pres Church on March 29, 1747 Page 363