White 1
1 Joseph White
Married: Prescillah Dawson
2 1. Sally White
Born: 1799 (or December 1, 1794)
Married: Nelson Dawson
Died: December 10, 1836
Note: Nelson was her cousin
2 2. Elizabeth Dawson White
Married: Christopher Faber
White 2
1 John White
Married: Ann Smith Dawson
White 3
1 William White
Married: Mary Elizabeth Dawson
2 1. Honius White
Married: Paul S. DellAria
White 4
1 Rev. Hugh White
Married: Nancy Fanny Dawson
2 1. Mahala White
Born: March 13, 1805
Married: 1820 Pleasant S. Dawson (Her first Cousin)
Died: October 26, 1901
There is some dispute over whether Mahala was the wife of Pleasant S. or Pleasant L. The dates imply the Pleasant L. was more likely. There is no dispute that her husband was her first cousin.
White 5
1 Katherine White
Married: Gov. John Carver
Died: 1621
White 6
1 Lt. John White
Married: Elizabeth Bowles
2 Elizabeth White
Born: March 22, 1667
Lived: Brookline MA
Married: Edmund Weld on November 10, 1687
Died: December 20, 1721 Roxbury of smallpox
Since Sally White married Nelson Dawson and their granddaughter married William White, there is probably a genealogical connection between Sally and William White

Since Ann Smith Dawson and Mary Elizabeth Dawson were sisters, I assume that John White and William White brothers or cousins but at least of the same generation.

Because of the life style at this time in Virginia there is probably an additional genealogical connection to the Rev Hugh White family.