Adams 1
I do not know of any connection between the various family groups.
1 Jeremy Adams
Born: 1604/5
Landed: 1633 Hartford Ct
Died: 1683
2 Ann Adams
Landed: 1632/3
Married: 1643 Robert Sandford
Died: 1682
Adams 2
1 Jonathan Adams
Married Hannah Yeomans,
daughter of Edward Yeomans on March 11, 1756 at Hebron Ct.
Early Ancestors Family 3
1 St. Arnesph
Born: 582
Died: 631
Bishop of Metz
2 Adelgisel
Born: 606
Married: Biega (Born:615, Died:694, Daughter of Pippin of London, Died:685)
3 HodPifin Le Veaux
Born: 714
Married: Alphradia
4 Pipin Le Gras
Married: Elphide
Died: 714
5 Charles Martel
Born: 690
Married: Halrudis
Died: 741
6 Pepin Le Bref
Married: Bertrada of Lam
Died: 768
7 Charlemagne (Charles A. Martel)
Born: 742
Died: 814
King of France
Married(3): Hildegarde
8 Louis I
Born: 778
Married: Ermengarde
Died: 840
Louis I (Holy Roman Empire), called The Pious (778-840),
Holy Roman emperor (814-840),
King of France (814-840),
King of Germany (814-840),
King of Aquitaine (781-840).
He was the son and sole successor of Charlemagne.
In 817 Louis made plans for an orderly succession among his sons:
Lothair I, Louis II (Louis the German), and Pepin of Aquitaine.
Later he wanted to include in the succession Charles II
(Charles the Bald), his son by a second marriage. Dissatisfied,
his older sons rebelled (830, 833) against him and fought among
themselves for supremacy as well. Pepin died in 838, and in 843
the empire was divided among the three surviving brothers.
(see Verdun, Treaty of).
From Microsoft Encarta:
"Louis I (Holy Roman Empire)," Microsoft(R) Encarta(R)
97 Encyclopedia. (c) 1993-1996 Microsoft Corporation.
All rights reserved.
9 Lothair I
9 Louis II
9 Pepin de Aquittaline
9 Charles II
Born: 823
Died: 877
10 Judith
Married: Count Baldwin 1st
There is a note that Judith was a male. But what does that make the count
11 Baldwin II
Married: Prince Alfith the daughter of Alfred the Great
Died: 919
12 Arnuf
13 Baldwin III
Count of Flanders
Married: Countess of Luxembrough
14 Arnuf II
15 Baldwin IV
6th Count
Married: Princess Adela daughter of Robert of France
17 Baldwin V
7th Count
Married: Adele Daughter of Robert the Pious
18 Walter Le Flanrensis
18 Robert II of France
19 Henry I of France
20 Martilda
Married: William the Conquror
21 Princess Gundreda
Married: William de Warren A Norman Baron of Danish decent.
22 Edith de Warren
Married: Baron Gerard de DeGournai Son of Hugh W. Basilia
23 Baron Hugh De Gournai
Married: Millicent De Maria
24 Baron Hugh De Gournai
Married: Lady Julia Dumpmartin (Daughter of Thomas, Lord of Coney
25 Baron Anselm De Gournai
Lord of Beverton
26 Baron Robert De Gournai
Lord of Beverton
27 Baron Anselm De Gournai
Lord of Beverton
28 Baron John De Gournai
Lord of Beverton
Married: Lady Olevia (Daughter of Henry Lovel, Baron of Castle Cary
29 Lady Elizabeth
Married: Sir John ap Adams In Parliament 1296-1307
30 Sir John ap Adams
31 William ap Adams
32 Sir John ap Adams
33 Sir Thomas ap Adams
Married: Jane Inge
34 Sir John ap Adams
Married: Lady Millicent Bessylls
Adams 3
1 Sir John ap Adams
Name changed to Adams
Married: Clara Powell
2 Roger Adams
Married: Jane Elliott
3 Thomas Adams
Married: Maria Upton
4 John Adams
Married: Jane Remeleigh
5 John Adams
Married: Catherine Stebbing
6 John Adams
Married: Margaret Squires
7 Richard Adams
Married: Margaret Armager
8 William Adams
9 Henry Adams
Born: 1583
Married: October 19, 1608 Edith Squire
Died: 1646
10 John Adams
Married: Anne
11 Rebbeca Adams
Married: Nov. 24, 1661 Nathan Patten
Notes on Family 3
    Do not know of a connection between Catherine Stebbing above and the Stebbing family.
Adams 4
1 1. _________ Adams
Married: Susanna Dawson
1 1. _________ Adams
Married: Mary Dawson
Notes on Family 4
    Since Susanna and Mary were sisters, I assume that the two men were brothers or at least cousins.
Adams 5
1 Susannah Adams
Married: Daniel Waldo