1 Hon. Richard Treat
Born: 1584
Landed: 1633
Married: April 17, 1615 Alice Gaylord
Died: 1670 Wethersfield Ct.
Richard Treat was one of the collectors of the Fenwick Tax and also the fund for the support of the students in the College at Cambridge.
Was named by Charles II one of the "Partners of the Colony".
1635 Weathersfield
Weathersfield and representative to General Court.
1642 Superintendant Construction of Ship
1643 Coloniel Grand Juror
1644 Member of General Court for several terms
1658-1665 Assistant Magistrate of Colony
2 Gov. Robert Treat of Connecticut
2 Joanna Treat
Married: Lt. John Hollister
2 Honor Treat
Born: March 19, 1616 Pitminister, Somersetshire, England
Married: 1637John Deming
Died: after 1694 in Wethersfield, Connecticut