1 Lt. John Hollister
Born: 1612
Landed: 1642
Died: April 1665
1642 Weathersfield March 2
1643 Weathersfield Freeman
1644 Weathersfield Deputy
1645 Weathersfield Deputy April
1646 Juror
Representative until 1656
1658 Lieutenant under Capt Mason
Mar. 19, 1660 Appointed Collector
John Hollister was a big man and brawny, tall and broad. He built, prior to 1700, the oldest house in this section. It is picturesquely situated on the bank of roaring brook called "Nayaug"; by the Indians. It is inland from the Conn River up from the ferry from Wethersfield to Gladstonbury and John Hollisterís house is to be seen on the left bank just before crossing the pretty millstream. The original house had four rooms, two up and two downstairs. It was enlarged in 1763.
Married: Joanna (Joan) Treat
2 Elizabeth Hollister
Married: Capt. Samuel Welles
Died: 1713