Tillinghast 1
1 Pardon Tillinghast
Born: Sept 1, 1604 Stoat England
Married: Elizabeth Tichbourne
Died: 1665
2 Rev. Pardon Tillinghast
Born: 1622 Seven Cliffs (now Eastbourne)
Landed: November 19,1643 from Beachy Head England to Providence RI
Married (2): Lydia Taber or Tabor
Died: January 29, 1718 Providence
He had been a soldier in Cromwells Army.
He suceeded Rev. James Olney in 1672 as pastor Ordained minister 1681
First Baptist Church at Providence RI 1681-1718
He was deputy for Rhode Island 1672-1700
Member Providence Town Council 1688-1707
He built his home on S. Main Street near Transit Street. It was two stories with Western basement and dormer windows, corniced door and window frames and 5 foot square chimney at top.
3 Joseph Tillinghast
Born: December 16, 1669
A merchant in Tiverton RI
Selectman 1697-1732
Town Treasurer 1711-1722
Petty Juror 1711-1714 and 1716
Assessor 1724-1725
In 1702 he bought a 90 acre lot from Daniel Brown and sold it to his brother Pardon in 1704. In June 1726, he sold a six acre lot and house in Providence for 250 pounds. This might have been the property bequeathed to hin by his father. Married: Mary
Died: December 1, 1763
His will is found in the Newport Historical Society
4 Lydia Almy
4 Ann Gardner
4 Elizabeth Cozzens
4 Joseph Tillinghast
4 Samuel Tillinghast
4 Nicholas Tillinghast
4 Daniel Tillinghast
5 Grandchildren (do not know which child above is the parent)
5 Mary Barker
5 Freelove Easton
5 Nicholas Paris
5 Nathaniel Tweedy
3 Philip Tillinghast
Born: 1669
Married: May 3, 1692Martha Holmes
Died: 1732
4 Charles Tillinghast
Born: 1693
Married (3): Mary Patten
Died: 1744 NYC
5 Capt. Charles Tillinghast
Born: 1741
Married: 1785 Catherine Lamb in NYC
Died: 1796 NYC
Revolutionary Soldier
Charles Tillinghast enlisted as Assistant Deputy Quartermaster general with the rank of Captain under General Hugh Hughes and later in the same capacity under General Timothy Pickering.
His widow received a pension on claim filed in 1838 in Ontario Co. NY.
D.A.R. No 2475 certifies that "He received the thanks of Washington for the rapidity with which he provided boats for the Army after the defeat at Long Island.
6 Charles Tillinghast
Born: 1795 NYC
Married: 1817 Jerusha Hatfield in Watkins Glen
Died: 1865 PA
7 Charles Tillinghast
Born: 1818 NY
Married: 1842 Maria Louisa (Matilda) Deming in Millerton Pa
Died: 1893 or 1895 PA
8 Frank Tillinghast
Married: Lillian Orilla Andrews
9 Francis Tillinghast
8 Margaret Diven Tillinghast
Born: May 26 (24), 1844 Watkins Glen NY
Married: 1862 Henry Phelps Yeomans
Died: May 24,1884 Clyde NJ
Tillinghast 2
1 Francis D. Tillinghast
Married: Alexander Diven Yeomans
I do not know of a connection between the two families but Francis was probably a cousin.
Family traces ancestry back to Kings Henry I,II,III and Edward I,II,III of England