1 Robert Hulme
Married: Alyce (Died: September 7,1610)
Died: 1604/5
2 Robert Hulme
Born: August 18, 1578
Married: October 4,1605 Katherine Johnson
3 Rev. Obidiah Holmes
Born: 1606 Manchester England
Married: November 20, 1630 Catherine Hyde
Landed: 1638 Boston
Died: October 15, 1662 or 1682
Obidiah was educated at Oxford College but did not graduate. They settled in Salem and was admitted member of the church March 24, 1639. With two others Obidiah eastablished a glass works for making window glass 1640. He was excommunicated from the church and moved to Rehoboth Mass in 1645. He was excommunicated and moved to Newport Rhode Island in 1651. He returned to Mass and preached and baptised July 22, 1651 and was arrested and fined. He was again arrested for preaching and taken to Boston and publically whipped (30 Lashes with 3 cord whip).
He returned to Newport in 1652 and suceeded Dr, John Clark and became second Minister of the First Baptist Church in America.
He was commissioner to General Assembly from Newport RI March 17, 1656 to Nov 2, 1658.
4 Capt. Jonathan Holmes
Born: 1633
Landed: 1638 Boston
Married: 1665 Sarah Bordon
Died: 1713
Deputy General for Assembly for New Jersey which met in Elizabethtown.
After 18 years in East Jersey, he moved with family back to Newport RI in 1698.
A member of General Assembly of Rhode Island September 16, 1690.
May 5, 1696 was General Treasurer and Speaker of the Assembly.
May 1, 1706 was Justice of the Peace and Deputy.
5 Martha Holmes
Born: 1670 Middletown NJ
Married: Philip Tillinghast