1 David I
King of Scotland
Married: Lady Matilda
1 Prince Henry
Earl of Huntington
Died: 1152
1 David
Earl of Huntington
1 Margaret d'umfraville
Married: Alan McDonal
1 Roger d'umfraville
Earl of Winchester
Married: Helen McDonal
1 Alexander
Earl of Bucan
Married: Elizabeth de Quincey
1 Gilbert
Earl of Angus
Married: Agnes Cumyn
1 Robert
Second Earl of Angus
Son of 2nd wife was Sir Thomas
1 Note the de Quincey name above.
There appears to be a connection to the de Quincey family in the Yeomans family tree.
1 Sir Thomas d’Umfraville
Lord of Holmaid & Whitley
Gov. of Harbotel
Married: Joan Rodam
2 Sir Thomas d’Umfraville
Died: February 14, 1391
Lord of Riddesdale and Ryme
3 Elizabeth d’Umfraville
Married: Sir William d’Elmedon