1 William Henry Cowl
Born: 1834
Married: Mary Anne Agusta Yeomans
Died: February 17, 1907
2 1. Lydia Perry Cowl
Born: January 16, 1858
Married: William Mood Baldwin
Died: April 1938
2 2. Walter Yeomans Cowl
Born: October 31, 1854 in New York City
Married: Emilie Wendt
Graduated Homoepathic Medical College in 1877.
After a year of hospital work, he went to Berlin and entered the University.
He returned to New York City in 1889 and returned to Germany in 1891.
When he married Emilie, she helped him master the German language and was able to do a great deal of scientific and literary work in German.
He wrote freely for medical journals and published a work on the actions of the heart. He also devised surgical instruments and apparatus, making notable improvements.
When the Roetgan Ray was discovered, he became an ardant worker in that field and wrote much on the subject. He was an active member of the Roetgan Society of Berlin and its treasurer when he died.
Most of the above is from extracts from the obituary notice published in the Chironian.
Died: June 4, 1908 in Berlin Germany
Walter was an MD
2 3. Rev. Maurice Cowl
Born: December 3, 1860
An Episcopal Minister and Catholic Priest
2 4. Clarkson Cowl
Born: April 24, 1863
Married: Carolyn Hearn
3 1. Donald Cowl
3 2. Arthur Cowl
3 3. Lawrence Cowl
2 5. Mary Cowl
Born: July 24, 1866
Married: Lloyd McCullough Robbins
Died: December 10, 1950